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Fsum Frontend  v.

Fsum Frontend is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows to compute message digests, checksums and HMACs for files and text strings. It supports drag-and-drop and you can handle multiple files at once. The checksum generated can be used to verify the

GOCR Windows Frontend  v.1.0

GOCR is an open source Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program that runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. It is a command line program that allows you to recognise characters from an image file. This frontend for GOCR is graphical and is designed

X-ROM Frontend  v.0.5

If you have an X-ROM (GameBoy Advance Flash Cartridge), then this program is for you. It is a frontend to the X-ROM Utilities (USBCABLE.EXE, MRTOOL.EXE and SRAM.EXE). This allows you to write games to your X-ROM cartridge, much quicker than any other

CabFE - The Arcade Cabinet Frontend  v.0.4

CabFE is a multi-emulator frontend for MAME, Daphne and other arcade games designed specifically for arcade cabinets using minimal set of controls (typically only a joystick and a few buttons) that are common on

Connview.php - [ip_conntrack frontend]  v.0.6

ConnView is conntrack table viewer. It is php script - frontend for ip_conntrack table. You can choose filtering, sorting for connections. Script recognizes common services in conntrack table .You can see connection list, or detail list per IP,

ASDF: A Simple DVD Frontend for MPlayer  v.0.4

ASDF is A Simple DVD Frontend, and is intended to make it easier to watch DVDs using MPlayer. It's written in Perl using the Qt

CtConvF (Converter Frontend)  v.100b3

Converter Frontend (for command line converters /

Dynamips GUI frontend  v.0.4

Dynagui is a GUI frontend for the dynamips Cisco 7200 router

GameBase - Universal Emulator Frontend  v.1.3

GameBase is a fully-featured retro-gaming emulator frontend and game database utility. It supports virtually any emulator for any system and has versatile database searching and filtering. It is the official frontend for the GB64 Collection of C64

GMyth Frontend Library  v.0.7.1

GMyth is a library to access MythTV backend services. It is designed to have few dependencies and is written in ANSI C and GObject. The project also provides a library sample use with a Mythtv Frontend UI for Linux based Mobile devices like Nokia

Gphoto2 frontend for stereo shooting  v.0.91

Simple GUI frontend for gphoto2 with features useful in scientific research - support for simultaneous shooting and post

GRustibus M.A.M.E frontend  v.0.43

gRustibus is a M.A.M.E frontend for the Gnome environment. Its goal is to be feature rich and easy to

GXMame, GTK XMame Frontend  v.0.35beta2

GXMame is a frontend for XMame using the GTK library, the goal is to provide the same GUI than

Khelben Arcade Frontend  v.

Khelben Arcade Frontend (KAF) is a Mame frontend for Linux. It is written in C++ using QT toolkit. KAF works with all versions of XMame since the

KSSH - KDE Secure Shell frontend  v.0.7

SSH frontend for KDE with many configurable

Krecipes Web Frontend  v.b.0.3

Krecipes Web Frontend is a frontend for the Krecipes mySQL database. It's written in

Kstella - A KDE frontend for Stella  v.0.9.1

Kstella is a KDE frontend to the excellent Atari 2600 emulator, Stella. It supports viewing game screenshots and cartridge scans, as well as viewing game manuals in HMTL

KUPX - KDE frontend for UPX  v.0.1

KUPX is a KDE frontend for UPX and simplifies UPX's usage to some clicking with the mouse and selection of the files to be

Mame Cocktail Frontend  v.3.0.6

A frontend for Mame that operates on cocktail machines. Supports Windows 98 and higher, includes cocktail screen flipping, a music jukebox, custom control mappings and a whole bunch of other cool

MPlayer Tools - CLI/GUI MPlayer Frontend  v.7.8.20110210

The CLI heaven for MPlayer with a GUI frontend.You can record and timeshift from your TV tuner.It also remembers movies and positions to resume a movie easily.It also has support for movie series,play history,the GUI has playlist and many useful

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